We also focused on the design of the bathroom and dressing room spaces so that our guests can experience the luxury of a hot spring inn while at the hotel.


A natural hot spring that
gushes from beneath the ground, free-flowing from the source

"Masuda Hot Spring" is a genuine natural hot spring that was directly drawn from the source that flows from deep under the ground in the compound of MASCOS HOTEL. The hot spring quality fulfills the sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3) requirement as stated in the appended table 1 of Article 2 of the hot springs law and is alkaline, with a uniquely smooth touch. It is a "bath for beauties that is gentle on the skin." It is open not just to guests staying at the hotel but also to those who drop by during the day for a quick bath.

Possible times for overnight hotel guests to use the public bath house
Possible times for day trip visitors to use the public bath house
[Using the public bath house during daytime hours]
Price:1,100yen + tax
(Fee for using the public bath house 800yen + Towel set 300yen)
11:00~18:00 (Last admissions)
[Using the public bath house at night]
Price:1,500yen + tax
(Fee for using the public bath house 1,200yen + Towel set 300yen)
18:00~22:00 (Last admissions)
※ It is not possible for day trip visitors using the public bath house to bring in towels.

The hot spring was excavated from deep under the ground in the hotel compound and wells up from cracks in the rocks. As the hot spring drawn from there is "free-flowing (simultaneously warmed and repeatedly filtered), guests can constantly enjoy fresh hot spring water.


The women's washroom is designed with bright and refreshing colors. Its spacious layout and the reflection of water on the walls and ceiling will help your mind and body relax. We also paid particular attention to the mist sauna, wash basin, and other amenities, and made sure that they will lift the spirits of women.


The men's washroom is designed with stylish and subtle colors. The spacious layout of the washroom makes this a comfortable space to be in. The sauna will help you detox by allowing you to sweat it out and refresh from the day's fatigue.

Relaxation space

A fascinating Kumiko object has been installed in the elevator hall on the hot spring floor. Made by Yoshihara Woodworks from Hamada City, this artwork makes use of the traditional Japanese motif "Komochi-hishi" by arranging it based on the logo of MASCOS HOTEL. The result is a unique piece of art that can only be found here.


Book corners have been set up on every guest room floor as well as on the hot spring floor. Books have been specially selected by "artos book store" of Matsue City to suit the theme of each book corner. A total of 254 books from a wide variety of genres are available, including foreign books, Japanese books, art books, and picture books. You can enjoy new reading adventures while staying at the hotel.

artos Book Store

The coin laundry area has a comic corner with hundreds of comic books selected by experts, representing a line-up that caters to children and adults, and both male and female readers. Feel free to pick up some comics while you are waiting for your laundry or taking a break from the hot spring.

Other facilities

  • 洗濯・乾燥コーナー

  • 自動販売機

  • 製氷機コーナー

  • 電子レンジ


This yukata, made from the new high-tech material Dry X which is produced from knit weave, follows the theme to "fully bring out Japan's sense of beauty for the ultimate experience of relaxation", thus overthrowing the traditional concept of a yukata. It stands out by its comfortable texture and outstanding breathability and heat insulation. Combining some elements of a yukata with some of a gown, this suit of clothing lends itself to use as sleepwear or as casual room clothing, and is perfect for any kind of relaxing setting.